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The Maibach-Madison Award - To enlarge the public's understanding of President James Madison's contribution to our country, Michael Maibach, a former Trustee and Fellow of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, has funded an annual "Maibach-Madison Award." The top three essays each receive $1,000 prize.

The subject of the essay is Madison's contributions--as a Founding Father and President--to our democratic nation. The deadline for submission is March 14, 2002.

Fall Leadership Conference

This conference for Center Fellows includes general sessions and panel discussions by distinguished practitioners, Presidential scholars and students on a range of policy issues. Events are often held at Presidential libraries at top research facilities, or in the Nation's Capitol.

Annual Awards Dinner

Each year the Center rewards outstanding public service by bestowing the Publius Award. Honorees have included former Presidents, members of the Congress, the President's Cabinet and leaders in the private sector. The next Awards Dinner is scheduled for April 11, 2002.


The Spring Symposium has been discontinued.

Recent Events

Spring Symposium, Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
March 16-17, 2001
The Centerís 32nd Annual Spring Symposium, titled "The First Hundred Days," was held March 16-17 at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Capitol Hill. Speakers at this exciting policy conference included David Gergen, Eleanor Clift, Tony Snow, Hugh Sidey, Alan Murray, James Woolsey, Edwin Meese, James Pfiffner and Stephen J. Wayne. Participants toured the White House. Center Fellows, who arrived a day early, were briefed by White House staff members, the Brookings Institution, and the American Enterprise Institute.

Fall Fellows Program
November 8-10, 2000
Students from the top 40 colleges and universities attended a two-day leadership conference that included briefings at the White House, Brookings Institution and Heritage Foundation; media training; and exciting presentations by Ambassador Richard McCormack on the challenges and opportunities in Africa and the Honorable Lee Hamilton, Director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. White House Fellows also participated in several of these events, including a briefing on the Center's Report to the President Elect 2000.

Conference on the Presidency and Education
The Center for the Study of the Presidency, Williams College, the James MacGregor Burns Center on Leadership at the University of Maryland, and the Harvard University Center for Public Leadership co-sponsored a conference on the Presidency and Education on November 16th and 17th at Mt. Hope, a former Rockefeller home in western Massachusetts. Speakers included Prof. David Gergen (Harvard University), John Milton Cooper (University of Wisconsin), Prof. Shirley Anne Warsaw (Gettysburg College), Prof. Ronald Walters (University of Maryland), Samford Ungar (Director, Voice of America), Sam Michael Welden (Director of Speech Writing for President Clinton), Sander Vanocur (NY Times Journalist and History Channel Host), Carol Gelderman (University of New Orleans), Stephen Skowronek (Yale University), Georgia Sorenson (University of Maryland), Donald Bare (Former White House Director of Strategic Planning and Communication), and Prof. Bruce Miroff (State University of New York-Albany).

McCormick Tribune Foundation Sponsors Conference on Presidential Leadership, Congress and the Media
The Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation co-sponsored the 31st Annual Spring Symposium on "The President, Congress and the Media: The Art and Character of Presidential Leadership." Some 450 students participated in the leadership conference, keynoted by David Gergen. David L. Grange, Executive Vice President and COO of the McCormick Foundation, attended the conference, as did the Foundation's program director, John Sirek.

Speakers included former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, "The McLaughlin Group" panelist Eleanor Clift, History Channel host Sander Vanocur, Harvard University Professor David King, Presidential advisor Charles Black, former Senator and Secretary of Labor William Brock, Almanac of American Politics co-author Michael Barone, new CSIS president John Hamre, Wall Street Journal Washington bureau chief Alan Murray, and former Congressional Budget Office director Rudolph Penner.

Participants also toured the White House, learned about internships in Washington, D.C., and listened to papers by the Center Fellows. Click here to read or download David Gergen's keynote address.

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