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Alumni Association
  • Purpose

The Center Fellows Alumni Association is estabished to provide support and assistance to the Center for the Study of the Presidency, particularly the Center Fellows Program, and to provide a network for former Center Fellows, who enjoyed a unique educational experience, to continue friendships and associations with their colleagues, and to be a resource for future Center Fellows.

  • Class Representatives

2001-02 Matthew P. Gorton
2000-01 Miriam Birkowitz & Christi Patrick
1999-00 Jason Tolleson
1998-99 Charlotte Lee
1996-97 Sheila Collins, Shireen Jiwan & Corey Cook
1995-96 Brendan Wolf & Carol Zytnick & Julian Braxton
1994-95 Jason Shela & George Krokondelas
1993-94 Martin Felli
1992-93 Larry Smith & Adrianna DiMaggio
1991-92 Alayne Brand
1990-91 Renee DeGeorge
1989-90 Jason Blavatt
1988-89 Jerome Hoynes
1987-88 Mark Croatti
1984-85 Paul Richman
1983-84 Cindy Ferrara
1982-83 Steve Richman
1977-78 Michael Maibach
1973-74 Anna Maria Farias

  • Goals

To create a network of past, present and future fellows through increased communication and active participation; and

To encourage fellows to continue to participate in and positively impact on the Center so that their experience does not conclude with the March Student Symposium.

  • Contact

If you are a former Center Fellow and would like to update your address and/or become more involved, please do so now, or contact Tom Kirlin at [email protected] or phone (202) 872-9800.

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