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Center Staff

David M. Abshire
President and CEO

Thomas M. Kirlin
COO and Program

Jay M. Parker

Robert E. Henderson
Vice President

Corazon B. Mendoza
Executive Assistant to the President

Jonah Czerwinski
Senior Research Associate and
Director of Homeland Security Projects

Jeffery Thomas
Research Fellow

Alex J. Douville
Strategic Planning Director
Special Assistant to the President

Phyllis d'Hoop
Director, Civility and Governance Project

Mary B. O'Connor
Director of Outreach

John Boyer
Congessional Liaison

Meghann E. King
Research Assistant,
Homeland Security Projects

Ysbrant A. Marcelis
Research Associate

Catenna J. Daniels
Receptionist and Membership Director

Jessica M. Morgan
Special Assistant, Fellows Program

Bret S. Lambert
Technical Assistant

Staff Biographies

Phyllis d'Hoop
Project Director

Phyllis d'Hoop began full-time work at CSP in January 2002 and is the Project Director of the Communicating America Project which, with the guidance from academics, public policy experts, journalists, and leaders from the private sector, aims to aid and encourage the Administration to improve its global communication efforts. She is also the Project Director of the Civility in Presidential and Congressional Leadership Project, which seeks to promote more creative and innovative public policy solutions through respect for others, sincere listening, and trust, the core principles of civility.

In previous employment at the Center for Strategic and Intentional Studies (CSIS), Mrs. d'Hoop helped create and design the U.S.-Poland Action Commission for which she later served as Project Coordinator for Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski. The Commission was created in the early 1990's. During these initial years, when Mrs. d'Hoop was Project Coordinator, the Commission's aim was to bring members of the Polish government and private sector together with their American counterparts to identify ways in which the Commission might take action to aid Poland on economic and security matters during its fragile time of transformation into a free-market economy.

Mrs. d'Hoop also managed a project which focused on increasing high school students' understanding of globalization. This initiative, which commenced in Tennessee, later spread to other states.

Mrs. d'Hoop received a B.A. in Philosophy (with distinction) from the University of Louvain in Belgium and obtained her B.A. (magna cum laude) and M.A. in Economics from The George Washington University.


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