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Center Staff

David M. Abshire
President and CEO

Thomas M. Kirlin
COO and Program

Jay M. Parker

Robert E. Henderson
Dean of Fellows

Corazon B. Mendoza
Executive Assistant to the President

Jonah Czerwinski
Senior Research Associate and
Director of Homeland Security Projects

Jeffery Thomas
Research Fellow

Alex J. Douville
Strategic Planning Director
Special Assistant to the President

Matthew P. Gorton
Assistant COO
Senior Research and Technology Associate

Phyllis d'Hoop
Director, Civility and Governance Project

Mary B. O'Connor
Director of Outreach

John Boyer
Research Assistant

B. Philip Beer
Research Assistant

Ysbrant A. Marcelis
Research Associate

Catenna J. Daniels
Receptionist and Membership Director

Jessica M. Morgan
Special Assistant, Fellows Program

Bret S. Lambert
Technical Assistant


Internship Opportunity

The Center for the Study of the Presidency, a non-partisan privately funded 501 (c)(3) organization located in Washington, D.C., offers an exciting internship opportunity to individuals interested in:

  • Working with experienced policymakers and former government officials.
  • Meeting with Presidential scholars, former White House staff, former National Security Council officials and others who visit the Center.
  • Conducting on-line and library research to support policy analyses and other Center projects.
  • Assisting with conferences, publications and public relations outreach

The Center:

  • Seeks to ensure an institutional memory of the Presidency and makes recommendations for its improvement.
  • Holds major educational and leadership conferences and seminars for students, faculty and Presidential scholars on timely aspects of the Presidency.
  • Sponsors an undergraduate and graduate Fellows Program that teaches leadership skills to top college and university students.
  • Publishes the award-winning Presidential Studies Quarterly.


Contact Robert E. Henderson at: [email protected]


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