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Do you have an interest in the Office of the Presidency? Are you looking for involvement in an organization with a direct impact on that Office? If so, become a member of the Center for the Study of the Presidency.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Four issues of the award-winning publication, Presidential Studies Quarterly.
  • Free shipping, up to US $20, on any order of one or more Center publications. See the publications section of our website for a list of publications, many of which can be downloaded free.
  • Contributing Members receive an invitation to purchase tickets to the Center�s Annual Awards Dinner, which honors distinguished public servants and our Presidential Fellows. Recent recipients include Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O�Connor; Homeland Secretary Tom Ridge; Senators John Breaux, Chuck Hagel and William Frist; Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Ambassador Howard Baker.

2005 Annual Dues

All Members receive a subscription to Presidential Studies Quarterly, the flagship publication of the Center.

Student / Retired Professor
* (additional info required)
Professional / Faculty / Public Policy Member $80.00
Contributing Member $150.00
(Additional charge for membership outside U.S.A. $15.00)

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If you do not want to charge your membership dues, please mail your membership check to:

The Center for the Study of the Presidency
1020 19th Street NW, Suite 250, Washington, D.C. 20036



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