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Center Staff

David M. Abshire
President and CEO

Thomas M. Kirlin
COO and Program

Jay M. Parker

Robert E. Henderson
Vice President

Corazon B. Mendoza
Executive Assistant to the President

Jonah Czerwinski
Senior Research Associate and
Director of Homeland Security Projects

Jeffery Thomas
Research Fellow

Alex J. Douville
Strategic Planning Director
Special Assistant to the President

Phyllis d'Hoop
Director, Civility and Governance Project

Mary B. O'Connor
Director of Outreach

John Boyer
Congessional Liaison

Meghann E. King
Research Assistant,
Homeland Security Projects

Ysbrant A. Marcelis
Research Associate

Catenna J. Daniels
Receptionist and Membership Director

Jessica M. Morgan
Special Assistant, Fellows Program

Bret S. Lambert
Technical Assistant


Board of Trustees

Mr. Leo A. Daly III, FAIA, RIBA - Board Chairman; Executive Committee Member
Chairman and President
Leo A. Daly

Dr. David M. Abshire - Executive Committee Member
President & CEO
Center for the Study of the Presidency

Mr. Edward L. Weidenfeld - Chairman Executive Committee
Attorney at Law
The Weidenfeld Law Firm, P.C.

Dr. Vita C. Tauss - Secretary; Executive Committee Member
Professor Emerita & Dean (Ret)
City University of New York

The Honorable Wayne L. Berman - Vice Chairman Executive Committee
Vice Chairman
Jardine Lloyd Thompson, USA

The Honorable Max Kampelman - Vice Chairman Executive Committee
Of Counsel
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson

Mr. Andrew F. Barth - Executive Committee Member
Capital International Research, Inc.

Mr. Jay Collins
Chief Executive Officer
Public Sector Group, Citigroup

Mr. Robert A. Day
Chairman & CEO
Trust Company of the West

Mr. Bradford M. Freeman
Founding Partner
Freeman Spogli & Company

The Honorable David Gergen
Professor of Public Service
John F. Kennedy School of Government

The Honorable C. Boyden Gray
Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering

Dr. Malik M. Hasan
Health Net, Inc. and Health Trio, Inc.

The Honorable Thomas F. McLarty III
Kissinger McLarty Associates

The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow
The Heritage Foundation

Mr. Daniel H. Mudd
Vice Chairman & COO
Fannie Mae

Mr. Paul Neely
Former Publisher
Chattanooga Times

Mr. Gregory Platts
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
National Geographic Society

The Honorable Thomas J. Ridge
Former Secretary
Department of Homeland Security

The Honorable Charles S. Robb
Former Senator
The State of Virginia

The Honorable Selwa S. (Lucky) Roosevelt
Blair House Restoration Fund

Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

The Honorable Togo West
Joint Center for Political and Economical Studies

Mr. Stanley R. Zax
Chairman & President
Zenith National Insurance Corp.

Mr. John Zogby
President & CEO
Zogby International, Inc.

Council of Scholars

Michael Beschloss
David Gergen
Fred Greenstein
James Pfiffner

Graham Allison
Lewis Branscomb
D. Allan Bromley
James MacGregor Burns
John Milton Cooper
Robert Dallek
I.M. Destler
Edwin Dorn
George C. Edwards, III
Alvin Felzenberg
John Lewis Gaddis
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Matthew Holden, Jr.
Thomas Mann
Norman Ornstein
Roger Porter
Stephen Skowronek
Richard Solomon
Shirley Anne Warshaw


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