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This portion of the site is currently being renovated; please see the report An Initiative: Strengthening U.S.-Muslim Communications for more information on the Center's Communicating America Program.

In order to serves as a resource for the White House and Departments to improve U.S. global communication, the Center regularly meets with policy experts, journalists, and scholars, through one-on-one meetings and larger seminars, regarding the five subject areas listed below. CSP relays recommendations and conclusions to White House and Departmental officials either through one-on-one meetings or their participation in the seminars.

  • Defining What is America
  • Communicating with Muslim Communities at Home and Abroad
  • Communicating Regarding the Risks and Benefits of Globalization
  • Communicating Benefits and Challenges of Global U.S. Military Presence
  • Identifying Best Practices and Technologies for Global Communications




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