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"Your research, educational programs, & publications... strengthen our dmeocracy and encourage high standards of public service."

President George W. Bush

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The Center for the Study of the Presidency, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, actively counsels the White House and the Executive branch on policy areas critical to strengthening Presidential leadership. To achieve this, the Center reaches out to the creativity and innovation in the private sector, public policy centers, and academic communities. Current program initiatives include:

Civility and Inclusive Leadership
More than 150 distinguished national leaders have signed the Center's "Declaration on Civility and Inclusive Leadership," which seeks to revive the civility and inclusive leadership so essential to effective government. Civility is not compromise. It is mutual respect, listening, and the ability to develop trust so that people with genuine differences can find creative solutions on higher ground. Program activities include a national poll with Zogby International, the formation of a National Committee to Unite a Divided America, and briefings for Executive, Congressional and private sector leaders. The Center will continue to elevate this issue to the highest levels of government while engaging leaders in business, academia, religion, the military and public policy organization in a public dialogue on a core principle of democracy.

Recent publications include:
New Declaration on Civility and Signatuers
Grace and Power of Civility
Zogby Poll

Communicating America, Democracy and Freedom
In response to the sharp global rise in anti-Americanism, in 2003 CSP organized a two-day conference and publication on Strengthening U.S.-Muslim Communications. Congress now funds a Center effort to develop the business plan for a new grant-making organization, called the Foundation for International Understanding. Once operational, this non-profit foundation would fund the production of television, radio, Internet and other media programs that best convey American history, institutions and values, and which educate Americans about other cultures. Participants include the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Southern California, Sesame Workshop, major media companies, independent producers, National Public Radio, and the State Department.

Homeland Security
CSP’s Homeland Security team has worked with Executive Branch leadership and Congressional members and staff since early 2001. In 2002, CSP began actively advising decision makers via our Homeland Security Roundtable Series with experts from the policy community, academia, national laboratories, and the private sector. The Center also develops issue papers and policy studies. Current initiatives include:

  • Combating Nuclear Terrorism
  • A Layered Prevention Strategy Against Weapons of Mass Effect
  • Bridging the Transatlantic Divide to Meet Shared 21st Century Threats
  • The National Guard and Reserves: Strained Support in Need of Reform

Global Economic Stability and Liberty
In 2001, the Center began counseling senior White House, Treasury, State and Congressional officials on aspects of global economic leadership, focusing initially on the dangers of economic “contagion” in industrial and emerging nations. CSP next organized a dialogue on Middle East economics for Treasury Secretary John Snow, and soon will prepare sessions on East Asian economies. Additionally, the Center has been invited by the Government Accountability Office to increase awareness of the implications of America’s exploding budget, trade and entitlement debts. Responding to this challenge, the Center has highlighted these concerns in its “Declaration on Civility” and will link foreign and domestic economic issues in selected seminars.

Looking forward in Wartime: Vulnerable Points in the Global Economy.

Presidential Fellows
Each Fall and Spring, more than 85 Center Fellows from leading colleges and universities participate in leadership conferences that feature high-level government officials from the Executive and Legislative branches as well as briefings by leading experts in the public policy community. The centerpiece of the program is the development and defense of an original paper focusing on a particular aspect of Presidential leadership.

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