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Volume 33 - Number 2
June 2003

Table of Contents


The Joy of Power: Changing Conceptions of the Presidential Office
Richard J. Ellis

The Manchester Union Leader’s Influence in the 1996 New Hampshire Republican Primary
Stephen J. Farnsworth and S. Robert Lichter

Our Chief Magistrate and His Powers: A Reconsideration of William Howard Taft’s
“Whig” Theory of Presidential Leadership
Michael J. Korzi

Reassessing Public Opinion Polling in the Truman Administration
Brandon Rottinghaus

Evolution of the Modern Rhetorical Presidency: Presidential Presentation and Development of the State of the Union Address
Ryan L. Teten

Presidential Success in Communicating with the Public through Televised Addresses
Reed L. Welch


The Contemporary Presidency: Communications Operations in the White House of President George W. Bush: Making News on His Terms
Martha Joynt Kumar

The Law: The Constitutionality of Congressional-Executive Agreements
Louis Klarevas

The Polls: Can Presidential Rhetoric Affect the Public’s Economic Perceptions?
Jeffrey E. Cohen and John A. Hamman

Source Material: Toward the Study of the First Lady: The State of Scholarship
Robert P. Watson


Children, Mothers, and U.S. Presidents
Barbara Burrell


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